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Note: SMS4Song has 2 versions
A) Works only with ForAir-16 software
B) Works as stand-alone from another PC


BlackMagic SMS4Song ver 2.0   is exclusively designed to play a Song/Video Clip by SMS Voting.

This software receives SMS, validate and poll the vote for the respective song/Video Clip.
Send an auto reply SMS "Thanks for watching our channel + Sponsor Ad lines"
Plays the song which has the highest votes.
Show Logo, Spot Ad, Banner Ad and Double line Scrolling.





Love Meter



Adding Songs, SpotAds, Banners, Scroll everything On-Line.
Complete stand alone program doesn't need any 3rd party software.
Basic Nokia GSM Mobile works as Modem to receive and send SMS.
Auto reply SMS for every received SMS with Sponsor advertisements.
Multi Threading Technology for un interrupted show on TV
Just multi select the songs and click ok will make every thing for you.
Super Seamless Video Playback with any black between video clips.
Support Avi, Mpeg1, Mpeg2, Vob, DivX, Dat, m2v, m2p, wmv, asf ...
Built-in auto and manual SSG (Snap Shot Grabber) from videos clips.
Instant Editing of Song Path/ Snap Shot Image/Titles while show is on.
On Screen Keyboard to type Song Titles with any regional language.
Multi select SpotAd files and set the options to play between the songs.
Digital Clock and  Channel Logo with SWF/GIF/BMP/JPEG support.
Display Banner Ads with 120+ Random Special Effects Transitions.
Smooth Images Scrolling with Title, FilmName, SongNumber & Votes.
Double Line Super Smooth Scrolling with RTF/Text Multi Color/Font/Size.
Masked Caller ID (98765xx345) for each Song is displayed in smooth scrolling.
Multi Color Graph to show Best of Three Songs with highest Votes.
Shows Mobile status like Name/Network/Battery Level/Signal Level etc.
Auto setting of nVidia display cards even supports 8 & 9 series with ZOOM.
Automatically logs the old received SMS and delete it from database.
On Screen Position control to move overlay objects (Logo/Clock/Graph) by mouse
Hi-Resolution 1024x768 32bit color for both PC and TV for Hi-Quality output.
Watch the TV out video Preview from the main software.
Animation overlay indicates the viewer on every new SMS received.
Intelligent coding for Less CPU usage and Memory management.

And more hidden secret features !!!



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