We do only software and almost stoped all the
Hardware products !

Exclusive products for Television channels and Custom made software tools for MNCs.
First time in India: Real Time Chroma Keying, Seamless Video Playback, Super Smooth Scrolling with 3D/Images/RTF Text, Live Cricket News, SMS Love Meter and many...
ForAir-16 Chroma
Real Time Chroma
Keying, Endless Scheduling, Super Smooth 3D Scrolling.
ForAir-16 Express
Smooth Live Show, Endless Scheduling, Super Smooth 3D Scrolling.
SMS4Song ver 2.0   is exclusively designed to play a Song/Video Clip by SMS Voting
SMS Greetings, Chating, Love Meter and Polling with many templates on TV.
ForAir-16 [Chroma & Express]
No words to express the features and performance of our ForAir-16.
RTF (Multi Color/Font/Size) Super smooth scrolling with Images in Video Titler.
Gradient Color 3D Text in Video Titler.
Video Enhancer and Sharpness control make wonderful video quality on TV.

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