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Note: SMS Pro will work only with ForAir-16 software


BlackMagic SMS Pro ver 3.0F   is exclusively designed to work with
BlackMagic ForAir-16 ver 16.4
(Optional server based SMS also available)

In which you can overlay SMS Greeting messages received by your GSM mobile phone.
You can also run SMS Chatting, SMS Poll (Elections) with Graph Chart overlay on Video.
Love Meter and Friends Meter are the New features in this version.
Every thing works automatically with ForAir-16 software.






Love Meter



Overlay SMS Greetings, SMS Chatting, SMS Polling, Love Meter or Friends Meter on Video
On Line SMS Manager for filtering un-authorized SMS messages (Auto/Manual)
Nokia/Sony GSM Mobile phone used as modem
Transparent overlay of SMS message on Video
20+ Randomized Transition Effects
Auto and Manual message filtering with Bad Words and Black Listed Numbers
Easy On-Line Message Filtering with user friendly color legends
Exclusive Report file with almost all essential information (Msg, Caller ID, Time Stamp etc)
Simultaneous Preview of Overlaying message on PC Monitor
Separate Announcement message overlay to declare Mobile Number, Warnings etc.
Packed with 50+ Templates for BG Images and Side Images
Attractive animatted templates for Love Meter and Friends Meter
Innumerable options to design overlay window as per operator’s choice
On-Line Mobile Phone Status to indicate batter level etc.
Automatic Switching for Spot Ads, Montages and Trailers
SMS Overlay also supported on External Video
SMS Poll Studio to run elections on SMS
Love Meter with FLAMES option to tell the relation between 2 names.
Bar and PIE Chart to indicate SMS Poll results.
Automatically hides overlay on Full Page Ads.
Very less CPU usage.

And more than hundred hidden secret features !!!



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